Getting calls from Adzuna? 

Client Services Director Warren Davidson examines the upstart trying to take on Indeed.

If you haven’t been called yet, expect one soon. Many of our clients are being contacted by this job aggregator.orem Ipsum is simply dummy text of the printing and typesetting industry. 

So who and what is Adzuna?

LAdzuna is job search engine very similar to Indeed, in that it scrapes content and jobs from employers, recruitment companies and job boards. Founded in 2011 by Andrew Hunter and Doug Monroe, of Gumtree fame, the business has been through a number of rounds of funding and have just crowdsourced another £2m, so it looks like they are here to stay.

Adzuna operate across Europe, North and South America and in South Africa. According to their Wikipedia page, Adzuna’s job data is being supplied to the ‘Number 10 dashboard’ which keeps the government up-to-date on key economic indicators. Make of that what you will.

Should you give your jobs to Adzuna?

Well, you may not have much choice as their algorithm will scrape your jobs anyway. The threat here is that if they can get enough content or jobs from enough employers and agencies, then their own SEO performance will eventually start to compete with the more established Indeed and therefore push everyone else down the rankings. This will result in paying for more PPC campaigns with yet another job aggregator.

How to stop Adzuna?

While there might not be too much you can to do slow down Adzuna’s march, you can certainly speed up your own. Every time a company like Adzuna surfaces, it only becomes more critical you get a hold on your content and digital marketing offering. 2016 could just be the year you truly feel the effects of an uncompetitive marketing offering.

As ever, regular quality content on your website, combined with tailored SEO management, will push your website higher and higher up the rankings, reducing your reliance on job aggregators. A recent project the Marketing Services team has been working on has delivered a 36% increase in traffic over a 10-month period, while CV submissions rose 58% via organic search (i.e. natural rankings in Google). We’ve focused on delivering quality SEO performance and it’s paying dividends – one of the few companies that won’t have to worry about Adzuna.