Account manager James O'Gorman explains how a cutting-edge recruitment website and data-driven strategy will generate revenue.

Attracting the best consultants

How much more revenue would your agency make it you had 50% more top billing consultants than you do already? Using your website to showcase your agency as the vibrant and ambitious organisation that it is will increase the likelihood of attracting the best consultants in your market. Top consultants make more quality placements.

Brand exposure & awareness

It takes a change in mindset to realise a return on a financial investment is not limited to financial gain. Your website is often the first point of contact to your business, whether potential client, candidate or future employee. The messaging and imagery will leave a lasting impression on your visitor which will be hard to change therein. This, over time, will build your brand and reputation, bringing you more new business.

Increased visitors & registrations

I hear from many agencies that they don’t know how many visitors they get to their website, let alone know what a conversion rate is. The conversion rate is the percentage of people who apply for a job having visited your site. Increasing website traffic and conversion rates will increase the number of quality candidate online job applications. This in turn will mean more placements, which brings more revenue to your consultancy.

Increased clients leads

All working relationships start with some form of cold contact. Engaging content that positions your brand as an industry thought-leader, combined with easy contact forms or applications processes, will maximise your inbound new business opportunities. When you browse your website, can you genuinely hold your hand up and say ‘this offers a quality experience to new and existing clients and candidates’? Consider this – how much would it be worth to your business if one new client enquiry led to a ten year working relationship, averaging three placements per month?

Reduction in job board spend

A functioning recruitment website that attracts candidates organically through engaging content and a strong social presence, visible across all search engines, will eventually result in a reduction in your job board spend. These savings add to the bottom line of your business. Organic growth is the way forward!

Social sharing

In 2015, it is not unusual for consultants to have more followers on Twitter, connections on LinkedIn and friends on Facebook than their corporate counterparts. Rather than hiding your consultants away from your website, showcase them. Recruitment is a people business – take advantage of that.

One method is to create individual pages of your team members on your website and allowing agency-branded content to be shared across and between their own social media channels as well as a social and blog page on your website.

When your consultant leaves a voice message for a new potential candidate or client, the first thing that person may do is Google the consultant’s name – you want your website appearing as the first result, not their LinkedIn.

Combining your corporate brand with the individual brand of your consultants will increase your brand reach into well-honed networks which will drive visitors, conversion rates, placements and revenue to your business.

This will position you well ahead of your competitors while they still argue over who should be managing the company Twitter account.

At Attrax, the work we do for our clients has a fundamental impact on their brand in the marketplace. If you would like to find out more about how a cutting edge, bespoke recruitment website will convert into hard revenue for your business, then contact us to discuss your talent attraction strategy.